A Brief Note On Diabetes Affecting Society : Diabetes

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Research Project 3 – Diabetes Affecting Society Type 2 diabetes is defined as a disease in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood. It is characterized by several symptoms but often associated with obesity. Although the majority of symptoms are found in a person based on hereditary material, other factors exist environmentally that can encourage or discourage the severity of the symptoms and predict their effect on one’s overall health. Early diagnosis and a combination of treatments can lead to be a less stressful life and a better managed disease.
Diabetes Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes. There are two ways diabetes can occur. The body cannot make sufficient insulin or the cells may ignore the insulin. Insulin is necessary to be able to use glucose for energy. (American Diabetes Association) When you eat food, the body breaks down all of the sugars and starches into glucose. Usually when there is not enough insulin, sugar cannot get into the body’s cells. The body cells are not able to function correctly when glucose builds up in the blood. Because of this buildup of glucose, other problems can occur, such as damage to the body, dehydration or even going to a diabetic coma.
Gestational diabetes is a form of type 2 diabetes that first appears during pregnancy. Usually temporary, it develops during the third trimester of pregnancy. “After delivery, blood sugar (glucose) levels generally return to normal, although some women develop type 2 diabetes…
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