A Brief Note On Diabetes And Its Effects On Diabetes

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Diabetes Dilemma Approximately 25.8 million people suffer from diabetes in the United States alone (Cheever & Hinkle, 2014). Without a doubt, this is a surprising statistic and somewhat horrifying. Within 15 years, it is estimated that over 30 million people will have diabetes; although many people are unaware they have diabetes. Flaws in insulin secretion or action cause increased blood glucose levels, which is the main distinction of diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is a serious condition that can cost several people physical, emotional, social, and financial distress (Cheever & Hinkle, 2014). Effects of diabetes are lasting and need to be recognized. Nurses have the duty to provide assistance and education to those with diabetes. However, nurses should also educate society about diabetes, as it is not only extremely prevalent in our society, but also costly. Diabetes calls for specific care and treatment regimens in order to promote the best quality of life for those living with the disease.
Type 1 Diabetes Two main types of diabetes are common, and they both come about in different ways entailing different forms of care (Wade, 2014). Type 1 diabetes is less common affecting only 5-10% of those in the United States with diabetes. Characterized by its complete loss of insulin production and damaged pancreatic cells, which produce insulin, type 1 diabetes is a serious and involved disease. Onset generally occurs in childhood and is rather swift (Wade, 2014). Type
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