A Brief Note On Diabetes And The Middle Aged Adult Essay

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Diabetes Prevention Uncontrolled diabetes in the middle aged adult can lead to chronic health problems such as: kidney failure, increased risk of infection, loss of vision and neuropathy. Specifically, adult’s ages 45-55 years old with type II diabetes can have an increase in stress, body mass index (BMI) and glycemic levels. As a result of decreased physical activity and making poor diet choices, middle aged American adults are at high risk for developing further chronic health conditions and diseases due to uncontrolled glycemic levels and poor lifestyle choices. Lifestyle changes that include diet modifications such as a low carbohydrate diet and daily exercise can assist in regulating blood glucose levels, decreasing risk of infection or other chronic health conditions and promote a happier and healthier life. Summary of Article 1 In recent years, obesity and diabetes has become prevalent in the United States. Approximately 70% of American adults are overweight, obese or diabetic (Rock, Flatt, Pakiz, Taylor, Leone, Brelje, Heath, Quintana & Sherwood, 2014). This epidemic can be attributed to increased calorie consumption, increased stress and lack of physical exercise. As a result, many American adults have an increased body mass index (BMI) and do not consistently maintain a healthy body weight which contributes to additional chronic health problems and diseases such as diabetes. Type II diabetes can lead to serious health complications if blood sugars are

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