A Brief Note On Dirty And Polluted Water

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Our Most Precious Resource Dirty and polluted water is one of the world’s biggest healthcare risks that threaten both the quality of life and public health. Pollution may come in the form of inappropriate disposal of garbage, improper treatment of sewage and agricultural run-off. This pollution affects not only the quality of the water but also the wellbeing of the citizens. Still, many people claim that the probability of doing harm by polluting our oceans, rivers and streams is less significant than the cost of disposing of trash or debris properly. Research has shown, however, that proper disposal initially is considerably less costly than the economic and public health costs involved when sewage and garbage is left to accumulate…show more content…
The government is putting the value of development above the value of their citizen’s health. With a sole focus on economic growth, China is killing itself. Even though China has experienced record-breaking development, almost half of the surface water and nearly two thirds of underground water, the primary source of drinking water, is deemed unfit for human contact (Faulkner). China has sixteen out of twenty of the world’s worst polluted cities according to the World’s Bank List. The discharge of industrial pollutants as well as untreated sewage causes disease-causing microorganisms to flourish. These microorganisms cause take a toll on the health and well-being of the citizens. Fortunately, growth while controlling pollution is possible. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has clear guidelines for new and existing industry. All companies are required to provide a Storm Water Protection Plan and comply with all local and federal guidelines ( While the growth may come at a slower rate, the time spent in water cleaning infrastructure will yield returns in lower health care, cleanup costs, and provide more interest to investment capitalists. Attracting investment capitalists would likely hasten the industrial expansion process. One of the considerations when planning a new development whether it is industrial or residential is a sewage system. There are three main types of sewer systems. Storm sewers
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