A Brief Note On Disability And Media And Its Effects On Society

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Tiffany Jep Professor Natalia Pamula English 201 June 11, 2015 Disability and Media The definition of media is defined as the means of communication, such as radio and television, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. Since society is mostly affected by the media this can create social barriers, for example people’s attitudes towards minority groups or disabled people. In the past people with disabilities were supposed to be confined and stay hidden because of their appearance and their abnormalities. They were treated more like objects and entertainment exhibitions rather than actual human beings. Compared to the 1800’s representations of disabilities have gradually increased in the 1990s from being in the media to magazines to newspapers; even in movies and television shows that frequently include characters with disabilities. Even though disabilities are being represented through abled-bodied actors, there is still a lack of representation from the disabled themselves. The society’s judgment and biasness for the disabled in the past was no more different than their hatred for colored people. Fortunately now for both, disabled and colored people, there have been numerous changes within society due to the management and treatment for these people. In Essig’s article, “A Media Fad for the 1990s?(People with Disabilities Becoming Media Celebrities)”, stated that in previous years disabilities were meant to be ignored and kept in closets and parents of
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