A Brief Note On Do Community Media Outlets Interact With Their Audiences?

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RQ3: Do community media outlets interact with their audiences; and, if so, are those efforts successful? Online media should consider adding features that will allow more users to participate (Chung & Nah, 2009). Traditional audience feedback forums in the newspaper industry were heavily moderated and did not permit anonymity (Reader, 2012). Therefore, anonymity must be part of this research. Anyonymity allows for anyone to publish a comment in any manner on any topic (Reader, 2012). There are professional sites that embrace the idea of anonymous commenting because they state anonymity provides the publication and its readers with a full range of opinions (Sonderman, 2011). Conversly a number of publications have taken the opposite tact. The publications state they are against anonymity because anonymous commenters are often uncivil (Holchberg, 2014). Their argument is uncivil behavior in the comment sections keeps people from commenting because they do not want to interact with those who argue in an uncivil fashion. However, interactivity theory believe that an engaged audience will police themselves and anonymity would not drive people away from the site (Rafaeli & Sudweeks, 1998). There are those who view their ability to comment online as a type of freedom (Reader, 2012). There are also those who believe that eliminating anonymity would stop legitimate dissent against powerful institutions (Reader, 2012). H4. Allowing users the option to comment on stories anonymously

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