A Brief Note On Don 't Litter '

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Don’t litter. Don’t litter. Don’t litter. I’ve always heard those words in school, at home, in cars, and mostly anywhere that my day takes me. But isn’t it just the best, that people tend to litter in their everyday lives and don’t have any concern on what littering can do to not just the earth but to the people living on it. The world we live in is full of people telling others not to litter then go do it themselves. This is why I demand people to commit to not littering!

Littering is one of the most commonly things done by human beings on earth today and it has to stop. People don 't care or think of what will happen if this continues, and let me tell you it won 't be good. One of the reasons why it is the best for everyone
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When someone litters on land it affects our water. This is because when it rains your garbage slowly floats down the sidewalk or through the park and heads straight for the water drains. Think about the garbage you threw on the ground and all of the other people who carelessly do the same, it all goes in the storm strains and clogs it, causing the water to flow in different directions because its not able to go down the drain. Another thing is animals. Littering can affect them and make their life not very easy to live. Many animals are injured, become ill, and die each year due to human carelessness with litter and pollution. Animals can swallow or get entangled in many of the litter items people leave in the environment. Now you wouldn 't want to harm them would you? Another example of what is affected by garbage around the earth is the injuries it can cause, it sounds funny but is very true. Littering on earth can cause vehicle accidents and injuries, smother plants, start fires and harm or kill animals. It also attracts rats and harmful bacteria. The last reason I demand people to stop littering is because it affects the lives we live. When trash it carelessly spread around the earth it affects us, it can make many people sick and that would also spread making a good majority of your town sick. Now I get that sometimes there isn 't always a close garbage can or

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