A Brief Note On Dutch, Scottish And Chinese Culture

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Reflection I was born in New Zealand but my ancestry ranges from all over the world but the main four are: Dutch, Danish, Scottish and Chinese. Ethnicity is seen as an affiliation with the country you have ties to. While deciphering my ethnicity, I looked at my identify as well; my traditions, beliefs, customs and expectations. Starting off with my last name ‘Bouwmeester’ it is Dutch decent which my father brought over from Holland as well as the language, but since we live in New Zealand we don’t speak or practise it. Even though I have a Dutch influence I find my actions and habits I have retained are more influenced by my mother’s side which is Kiwi/white European. As I identify my Ethnicity as a Kiwi, there are certain customs I practise and I affricate myself with such as Christmas and Easter guy Fawkes and Halloween. Christmas is a huge celebration for me and my family on my mother’s side we gather the family around, eat a traditional pavlova (even though my aunty has to ty 2-3 times.) and we have to buy a fresh Christmas tree to represent the celebration of another year together. Another significant symbol is language, a white European Kiwi’s main language is english but my roots go back to Maori a iwi in Wellington. Even though I grew up learning Maori in school and lived around the language I don’t practically practise it but hearing it constantly where I live shows it’s the traditional language of New Zealand. A big ethnic realisation was when I was living over in

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