A Brief Note On Ecology And The Enviroment

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Marko Kolundzija - 214162898 SLE103 – Ecology and the Enviroment Tutor - Claire Binek Introduction Ecosystem is a biological community of living organisms/biotic components (plants & animals) and non-living/abiotic elements (sunlight, soil, air & water) within a specific area, together forming a complex system in which they interact and adversely affect & depend on each other in one form or another (food chain, mineral recycling, trophic flow). It’s extremely important to study ecosystems not only to better understand and the natural flow that occurs within, but also help maintain and better understand biodiversity, learn how to sustain, aid and if necessary help rebuild them too. Potentially observe any ominous sign’s, changes that may lead to natural disturbance which in some cases can be early warnings for larger catastrophes. Area which I chose to observe for my assignment is a local park, named Roth Hetherington Reserve, close vicinity to my house. The reserve is flat and levelled terrain surround by suburban house with 3 pedestrian entries. Within the reservation there’re small patches, “islands”, of untouched areas. The vegetation mainly consists of tall trees (Majority which are Eucalyptus species), shrubs, herbs and grasses which are fewer in number due to the overwhelming shade produced from the trees & shrubs. The area I chose to observe is one of these islands, dubbed “Northern Territory”. Rest of the park is occupied by large and open

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