A Brief Note On Employment And Life Decisions

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Employment and Life Decisions
The decision of finding an organization that you can serve using your strengths, passions, and gifts is an important one. You will most likely look for a role that matches your domain of knowledge, as well as where you can stretch that knowledge, while gaining experience in progressing your career. Ramona is a bright new graduate at the top of her class, and has been presented with an opportunity to begin her career with a seemingly successful and popular company. However, before she makes a decision to pursue the offer of employment, she should also consider factors such as cultural fit, values alignment, growth opportunities, legal considerations, as well as that intrinsic barometer that it is an opportunity worth pursuing.
Gaining Awareness of Who You Are
I would advise Ramona to first take inventory of who she is as an individual, and the goals and aspirations that she has as she launches her new career. This might include identifying what her core values are, and prioritizing each one. Next, I would advise Ramona to assess and catalog her strengths and weaknesses from both a personal and professional perspective. This valuable insight will equip her with the self-awareness needed in evaluating and making the decision to accept or decline the offer of employment.
Assessing the Organization for Fit

Once Ramona is equipped with her individual self-awareness, she will need to assess the prospective organization to determine whether or…
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