A Brief Note On Employment Non Discrimination Act

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Employment Non-Discrimination Act Researchers show that anywhere from 15% to 43% percent of LGBT have encountered some variety of unfairness and harassment in the workplace (Center & Progress, 2011). Further, 8 % to 17 % of LGBT state being passed over for employment or fired due to their sexual orientation. Ten percent to 28 percent experienced a negative performance review or were overlooked for a promotion due to being gay. Moreover, 7 % to 41 % of gays faced harassment, abuse, or antigay vandalism on the job. Transgenders persevere through high rates of employment injustice and harassment at work. In a current national survey, an astonishing 90 % of transgender individuals depicted some harassment or abuse on the job. Approximately half of transgender individuals also describe experiencing an adverse employment result due to their gender identity. This entails being disregarded for employment (44 %), getting terminated (26 %), and being denied a promotion (23 %). Historical Background The recommended Employment Non-Discrimination Act (“Library of Congress,” n.d.) would shield private and public workers from employment unfairness by perceived or actual sexual orientation and gender identity. Employment Non-Discrimination Act is practically identical to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which already secures workers by race, color, religion, sex, and political origin, and additionally the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which ensures individuals against

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