A Brief Note On Endangered Species Research Paper

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arah Bader
March 22nd, 2016
Endangered Species Research Paper
Period: 2
Hasn’t the world lost enough? Animals are harmed by letting nature take its course, meaning climate changes, deforestation, etc. Human poaching is a major contributor also. “Extinctions have occurred throughout our planet’s natural history. Some species develop as others die out, making space in the ecosystem for those best suited to any given habitat’s natural conditions. Long before human beings arrived, fossil records show that populations of animals evolved, thrived, declined, and became extinct." (Sexton)
When animal or plant species die out, the food chain-ecosystem has to recuperate because when one species is taken out, its ruins the majority of the food chain depending on how high up that species was. The reason species become endangered is because of destruction done by humans. Humans are big on hunting, whether it’s killing an animal to use for their special features, for instance- an elephant 's tusks or for money, like tusks, horns, and fur, comes across to humans as poaching or not, it is. Humans play a major role in the extinction of animals, due to" mining companies, oil spills, and the waste and pollution created by human industry" (Whittaker). Species are dying out because of human poaching and the destruction of habitats. Obviously we can 't not have human industries, but we can try to prevent from killing any animals by recognizing that this is their home and either proceed…
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