A Brief Note On Endangered Species Research Paper

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arah Bader March 22nd, 2016 Endangered Species Research Paper Period: 2 Hasn’t the world lost enough? Animals are harmed by letting nature take its course, meaning climate changes, deforestation, etc. Human poaching is a major contributor also. “Extinctions have occurred throughout our planet’s natural history. Some species develop as others die out, making space in the ecosystem for those best suited to any given habitat’s natural conditions. Long before human beings arrived, fossil records show that populations of animals evolved, thrived, declined, and became extinct." (Sexton) When animal or plant species die out, the food chain-ecosystem has to recuperate because when one species is taken out, its ruins the majority of the food…show more content…
“As of its current 2012 Red List of Threatened Species, which is a list of species that are threatened of extinction, the IUCN, The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, has evaluated 65,518 species. Of the total species included, 20,219 are listed as threatened, up from 19,570 in 2011. Poaching and a disappearing habitat due to human encroachment are considered the primary threats to these and other species (Sexton).” If humans are destroying animals habitats, causing them to be threatened or endangered then why don 't Conservationists put an end to the destruction of their habitats. If trees need to be cut down to say build a house then conservationists need to be required to survey the area for species that could be harmed or killed before any construction or destruction is performed. Sometimes you get too much rain, which means floods. At other times there isn 't enough, which means drought. Both are dangerous. We can 't do anything about the climate changing and the weather changing, it 's nature taking its ' course. When the climate changes excessively, species begin to die out because their habitats eventually are destroyed. Habitats are destroyed due to glaciers melting or it being too hot or too cold.When the climate changes and melts the glaciers, then the water temperature increases
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