A Brief Note On Environmental Citizenship And The Environment

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Olyvia Poelvoorde

Environmental Citizenship, in my opinion is the belief that one has a general or possibly even a deep connection and caring for the environment. An environmental citizen should be willing to make certain life decisions to decrease their environmental impact. It is important to be aware of what is happening within the environmental community, in order to be an active citizen. Not being aware of certain issues surrounding the environment can make it hard to participate as effectively as a citizen. Some important skills you should possess are gardening and sustainability skills. While you don 't have to possess these skills, or do them one-hundred percent of the time, you should be making an effort to make these
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Sometimes, you have to take a more complicated route to obtain your goals. An environmental citizen should be willing to take the alternative route. Enthusiasm is another very powerful characteristic to have as an environmentalist. Enthusiasm gets peoples attention, it shows that you are passionate about what your cause is and gets people who aren 't involved curious. Having a negative attitude however, can detract from whatever you happen to be supporting. When your attitude is negative it will be difficult to convince others what your doing is important. Therefore, it is detrimental to keep a positive attitude if you want to make a difference. My personal belief about environmental citizenship duties and responsibilities is that if your decision is to be an environmental citizen, you should make every choice thereafter to benefit the environment in some way. I believe that it is the environmental citizens responsibility to stay connected to the community. These decisions don 't have to be big life changing ones, they could be as simple as re-using a plastic bag instead of getting a new one or recycling. However, you are responsible for making these changes to your life. Seeing someone passionate about the idea of recycling or re-purposing items, makes others curious or more willing to participate. For example, if someone is enthusiastic about a certain program or organization more people are willing to attend and
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