A Brief Note On Environmental Degradation And Pollution Essay

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A social issue does not have a universal definition, rather, a social problem is something that has an impact on a person, group or society as a whole and is in need of remedy. Social problems vary in societies and geographical locations and time periods. There are an incredible amount of social issues around the world, in the United States and most specifically in this year. I believe one of the most pressing social issues we are facing in 2016 is environmental degradation and pollution. This is an extremely broad topic that can take days upon days to explain, but my main point is that we have destroyed our environment in so many different ways, from oil spills, exhaustion of fossil fuels, deforestation, and all the way to illness. Additionally, so many people aren’t even aware of their environmental footprint. We are at a time where we need to switch to more renewable options: solar and wind power are two that can help tremendously.
Depleting our Natural Resources
Many people are not aware of our individual environmental footprint, or our impact on natural resources on our earth. It is estimated that if everyone in the world lived like an average American does, it would take just about 3.9 planets to support us- a sad reality (Mooney, Knox and Schacht, pg. 431). Just one part of our environmental footprint is the deforestation that humans have contributed to as forests are being depleted for construction and agriculture, just to name a few. When we deplete part of the
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