A Brief Note On Environmental Policy And Politics

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Student Name: Daksh Patel
Instructor: Dr. Lydia Miljan
Course: Environmental Policy and Politics in Canada, 02-45-212-1
Date of Submission: 4 November, 2015

CO2 Emissions And Mitigation Potential of Automotive Vehicles In Canada
There is undeniable evidence that due to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses the Earth is warming up. Warming up the planet is causing climate change and leading to extreme weather situations. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change and is being produced at a rate that is higher than anything in recorded history [Nature 513.7517, 2014]. Reducing CO2 emissions produced by vehicles can lead to a drastic impact on the current state of climate change.
Scope of the Problem A vision by the European Union (EU) sets a long term goal from the year 2000 to 2050 on the idea that fuel cells were the key to sustainable energy in the future. It is important to highlight that because of this long term vision it is necessary “to take strong action in the short- and medium-term in order to address current environmental and energy concerns” [Fuel Cells, 2007]. “The Commission’s November 2000 Green Paper on the security of supply” [Fuel Cells, 2007] states that in the year “1998 the energy consumption in the transport sector was responsible for 28% of the emissions of CO2” [Fuel Cells, 2007]. In the latest estimates at the time of the Fuel Cells 7.2 article in the year 2007 the CO2 emissions for the transport sector…
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