A Brief Note On Environmental Policy And Politics

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Student Name: Daksh Patel
Instructor: Dr. Lydia Miljan
Course: Environmental Policy and Politics in Canada, 02-45-212-1
Date of Submission: 4 November, 2015

CO2 Emissions And Mitigation Potential of Automotive Vehicles In Canada
There is undeniable evidence that due to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses the Earth is warming up. Warming up the planet is causing climate change and leading to extreme weather situations. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change and is being produced at a rate that is higher than anything in recorded history [Nature 513.7517, 2014]. Reducing CO2 emissions produced by vehicles can lead to a drastic impact on the current state of climate change.
Scope of the
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Greenhouse gas emissions are rising around the world at alarming rates and better action needs to be taken to ensure a future that isn’t filled with smog and life threatening pollution as seen in parts of China.
Effects of Greenhouse Gases Greenhouses are controlled environments for plants to grow in prime conditions. Greenhouses are designed to trap solar radiation to create a warmer environment for the plants and allow the plants to grow where they normally would not. The Earth has a natural greenhouse effect and is vital in supporting life. Greenhouse gases create a sort of barrier to trap some radiated energy. However, the drastic production of greenhouse gases increases this barrier and creates a warmer temperature for the planet [Nature 476.7358, 2011]. Destabilizing the greenhouse effect of the planet can lead to major consequences which has already occurred such as:
• Long droughts, California’s water shortage, and
• Major weather conditions, Hurricane Katrina.
The general warming of the planet will cause the bodies of water to expand and has the potential to drown coastal areas if things are left untreated.
Relating to Canada
The public in Canada are used to traveling long distances relative to other parts of the world. Due to this, reducing the impact of CO2 emissions by vehicles in Canada can have a significant impact on the current climate change problem. A study in Surrey, British Columbia concluded that changing the fuel source
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