A Brief Note On Erect An Energy From Waste ( Efw ) Incinerator

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2.0 The Project
The proposal is to erect an Energy from Waste (EfW) Incinerator to be sited on the Proposed Location (see Map), while choosing the best possible location on the map, and giving supporting arguments.
Incineration is a practical method of disposal that saves a lot of money on transport of waste to landfills and therefore also the carbon footprint that such transport leaves behind. The sheer reduction in the space required to dispose of the 10 percent of waste that it does produce relieves pressure on land, which in urban areas can constitute a big saving (Rulkens, W., 2007). Landfills have never been a pretty site and also give rise to a lot of pests and insects. An incinerating plant will look like any other industrial
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This scope of this EIA covers the plant infrastructure construction, the incineration process/ operation of plant, electricity recovery and disposal of ashes. The additional process of delivering the slag and residues of the incineration process to landfill has also been taken into account.

A Waste Incinerator which is designed specifically for Energy Recovery generates significant electrical power and thermal energy due to the high calorific value of the waste. The efficiency of energy recovery (production of electricity) is 20%. Material recovery is also achieved in this process, particularly Fe metals. For front-end materials, recovery is 50%, while for back-end materials, it is 5%(Cheng, H.et al., 2010).

2.2 The Process of Incineration
In the process of incineration, incinerators reduce the waste by burning it after the incinerator is initially fired up with gas or other combustible material (Hjelmar, 1996). The process is then sustained by the waste itself. Complete waste combustion requires a temperature of 850º C for at least two seconds but most plants raise it to higher temperatures to reduce organic substances containing chlorine. Flue gases are then sent to scrubbers which remove all dangerous chemicals from them. To reduce dioxin in the chimneys where they are normally formed, cooling systems are introduced in the chimneys. Chimneys are

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