A Brief Note On Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide

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Support the Right to Choose-Euthanasia Shawnna Meyer ENGL 111-02F Professor Heather Burford April 20, 2016 Situational Analysis: This essay is a formal academic manuscript that was written to provide personal bias about the topic of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. More specifically the essay addresses the religious aspects of this topic and what role it plays in the conflict. I, the author, am applying to the nursing school at IVY Tech. The audience for this piece of writing will be other nursing students whom will also be involved in this complicated topic. These students will be enrolled in the IVY Tech Nursing program, in the next two years. There are many people will not be directly affected by this topic. Hopefully, this essay will provide an educated opinion for these nursing students. The goal is to persuade any of them to think or acknowledge this controversial topic. The goal is for students to focus on this relevant issue in their soon to be workplace before the conflict is front and center with one of their patients. Many people are brought up with one belief or the other. This essay provides one perspective on the this topic. It pushes the reader to ask him/herself questions, which they may not have done previously. Medical practitioners need to know where they stand on this issue, instead of making decisions themselves while being in fear of being prosecuted or torn between socially accepted norms and compassion.
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