A Brief Note On Euthanasia And Pro Life Essay

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Abortion is commonly practiced in many countries including the United States and has been practiced throughout most of the world ((Henshaw, S., et al. (2008). Abortion is one of those subjects that people for different reasons are passionately for or against (abortionist vs pro-life). The reasons are many and complicated. Abortion raises fundamental questions about our existence, such us what is human and when does life begin (Brannigan &Boss, (2001). Abortion speaks to the rights of women control their body, the mother and fetus, the duty to protect the unborn child, secular vs. religion, human life, individual rights, moral values, rights of partners and spouses, rights of parents, medical autonomy and confidentiality (Brannigan & Boss (2001). Abortion also touches on sexuality which is highly controversial all over the world (Singh, S., Darroch & Ashford, (2014). Ways of preventing abortion and the use of preventive measures like contraceptives come into play in most countries of the world but especially in third world countries (Bendavid, Avila, & Miller (2011), Jones, K (2011; Henshaw, S., et al. (2008).
The UN supports many issues throughout the world, and member countries fund the UN to complete those activities. One of the agencies that handle population issues is UNFPA (UN population agency). With controversies and ethical questions surrounding abortion, the United States (US) and the United Nations (UN) have different positions on

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