A Brief Note On External Factors Of Economics

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External Factors Economics. Economically speaking, NCSG is positioned in a way where it serves enough markets to weather the so called storm when the price of oil is low, but absolutely thrive when the price is high. As we are currently experiencing in the year 2015 with low oil prices, NCSG was forced to make some tough decisions. With a natural decline in revenues, NCSG had no choice but to lay-off employees, and cut costs across the board. As previously mentioned however, NCSG also saw opportunity in this tough economic time. It was the perfect time to implement a system and make change. Employees had the time to help with the implementation and be trained with the new software, and ultimately this would lead NCSG to getting more bang for their buck out of each employee that remained after the lay-offs. Employees became more productive and efficient, giving the limited customers that were maintained during the dip in oil prices, superior service. Competitors. Typically, it is hard to justify major organizational-wide change with the line “the competition is doing it, so we should too.” However, in this case, it was crucial. In the tough economic times, many employees from top-level management, to sales guys out in the field would observe NCSG’s competition to see where they were cutting costs, where they were out-performing NCSG, and what competitive advantages in general they had at their disposal. The result was many employees bringing the need for a CRM system to the
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