A Brief Note On Federal Information Security Management Act Essay

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Introduction This paper will talk about six Acts/Laws which are implied for the advancement of society and encourage the work process, keep up the protection of each individual citizen of the nation, provide legitimate rights to the labors/workers, right to cover intellectual property, open doors for money related foundations to grow their business, and keep up the information security and integrity. FISMA ISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) appeared when Congress understood the significance of Information Security and it included FISMA as a piece of E - Government Act of 2002. FISMA requires administrative bodies inside the government to: • Plan for security. • Ensure that the fitting and responsible authorities are assigned with the security obligation. • Review security controls measure in a standard interim premise. • Manage and approve the framework preparation before the operations, and intermittently after deploying. • FISMA is separated into three primary areas: • Annual security reporting prerequisite (Annual Program Review – CIO). • Independent Evaluation – (IG) and • Corrective activity gets ready for recuperation and remediation of security shortcomings. FISMA requests that organizations submit reports to OMB on the status of their data security program, quarterly. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Sarbanes-Oxley Act applies just to organizations whose stock is exchanged on open trades. Its motivation was to
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