A Brief Note On Fight Drug Resistant Malaria

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Dr Tu Youyou 2015 Nobel Prize recipient for finding a drug to fight drug-resistant malaria Chinese Pharmacologist, Dr. Tu Youyou (pronounced Too Yoyo) is the first female Chinese citizen to win a Nobel, and the first Chinese citizen to win a Nobel in Medicine (Wsjcom,2015). Having been born, raised and carried out her work in China, she is the first Citizen of The Peoples Republic of China to win a Nobel in Science, despite not having a PhD. (there was no post graduate education until 1979 in China), or having ever studied or researched abroad and without being recognized as an academician (Wsjcom,2015). Prior to 2011, when Tu won the prestigious Lasker Clinical Medical Research Award, she was almost unheard of. Tu was awarded the Nobel…show more content…
Japan had bombed Ningbo with ceramic bombs containing fleas infected with bubonic plague (Wikipediaorg,2015). Tu has always possessed a passion for medicine. In 1948 She attended Xiaoshi Middle school were she met classmate and future husband, Li Tingzhao, a factory worker (Wikipediaorg,2015). Tu studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at Peking Medical University in Beijing, graduating in 1955 (Phillips,2015). Peking University Health Science Center is is the most respected medical school in China. After graduating, Tu studied an additional 2.5 years, learning Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Medicine presently known as China Academy of Chinese Medicine where she is currently Chief Scientist in the Academy (Wikipediaorg,2015). Tu and her husband, Li Tingzhao,settled in Beijing and had 2 daughters. Their youngest daughter lives in Beijing and her oldest daughter is working at Cambridge University (Wikipediaorg,2015). In 1966, China fell into complete turmoil and chaos during the Culture revolution set into motion by Chinas communist leader Mao Zedong to enforce his beliefs that China should be a classless nation, to suppress capitalism and enforce his communist doctrine (Aboutcom,2015). Mao shut down schools, colleges and government and formed the “red Guard”, groups of militant youth and students, who’s goal was to rid China of the “four olds—old habits, manners, custom, and culture,”(Aboutcom,2015)
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