A Brief Note On Firefighter And The Firefighters

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Luis Carlos
Mrs. Dennaoui
English 12
23 April 2015
How would you feel if your house was on fire, and you had no one to come help and you were on your own? Most people would panic and not know which steps to take next. This is where the strong and brave men called firefighter come in to play. Firefighters are taught to use a variety of techniques to control dangerous fires and to limit the damage caused by them. Their main objective is to shut down the fires as quickly and safely as possible and to save anybody in danger. They do not just work for extinguishing fires but they also serve as paramedics. Many people look rely on them during these dangerous situations and it puts a tremendous amount of pressure when it comes down to getting the job done correctly and safely. To be able to accomplish these difficult tasks you must be highly trained and will have to be strong, physically and mentally. Firefighters risk their lives on a daily basis by saving people from dangerous situations. The art of firefighting began due to the Roman emperor, Augustus, who instituted a corps of fire-fighting vigils (“watchmen”) in 24 B.C. The main piece of equipment used in ancient Rome and into early modern times was the bucket, passed from hand-to-hand to put out the fire. Another important piece of equipment was the ax, which was used to remove the fuel and prevent the fire from spreading. Also, it was very helpful to use so that you can make openings that would allow heat and…

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