A Brief Note On Fracking And The Natural Gas

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Kyle Quintana
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Candace Craig
When it comes to vast amounts of energy sources, natural gas in America is not something most people believe is plentiful. As resources are used up it then becomes time to look for a new supply elsewhere. America has always been dependent on foreign trade, including fuels, which in turn leaves us vulnerable to steep prices.
Natural gas is one very important fossil fuel and from its various uses, its numbers have continued to dwindle. Supply and demand has taken a toll on this very precious commodity. Ordinary vertical drilling of natural gas has ceased to produce much and this once prevalent method may eventually end up becoming obsolete. Eventually it became time to undertake a
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The widespread damage of fracking is starting to become transparent. Even though natural gas is said to burn cleaner than coal, the emission of methane into earth’s atmosphere by the natural gas industry continues to rise. Air quality is a very important thing and many have been responsible and caring enough to aid in protecting our planet. Fracking on the other hand has caused mass air pollution not only to our planet’s atmosphere, but also in and around the fracking site itself. The large equipment involved in fracking can create quite a bit of air pollution. Certain ozone depleting gases are often released by the large engines that drive the drills and help pump the gas through the well. Not only can they be detrimental to the ozone, but also to ecosystems and food supply. Methane is the most detrimental gas emission to the earth’s atmosphere and fracking produces most of it. Methane is considered a greenhouse gas similar to carbon dioxide. There are also other gases emitted from fracking wells that are considered hazards by the EPA, including but not limited to, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, ethylene glycol and various others. Fracking sites can release many toxic emissions if not thoroughly monitored and controlled but there is a way to capture these emissions and its being called a green completion. Once captured, these certain gases can sometimes be sold or disposed of. The equipment that captures the gases has
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