A Brief Note On Gender Roles Of Communication

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Arisah Donovan February 18, 2015 Gender Roles in Communication Every person born into this world has been misunderstood at one point in time, or another. It can be frustrating at best, or cause major errors to occur in an industry at its worst. However, there are solutions to these types of miscommunications that people tend to have. For instance, if people took the time to understand the behaviors, dispositions, characters, and cultures of different individuals, everyone would have better success in communicating with one another. There are a variety of ways people tend to communicate, though primarily done through the use of speech and body language. Yet even without the use of language, people can easily tell if someone is angry, confused, sad, in pain or happy, simply by observing ones face. There are two major categories to address when it comes to communication, one being verbal while the other is behavioral. Likewise, both men and women have different ways in which they express these features. Speech is defined as the “expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulating sounds.” A well respected writer and researcher for The Guardian, Deborah Cameron states that a man’s “goal in using language tend to be about getting things done”, and women “tend to be about making connections to other people.” We see this common type of language used between men who bond over physical labor, and women who bond over coffee and long talks. Psychologist Mehl
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