A Brief Note On Glucose And Its Effect On The Body

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Glucose Lab Paper
John Chung
Physiology 281
Professor Varamini
November 7, 2016

Chung 2
In the modern society people live in today, people have started to take in good cuisines. It became more than just a necessity. Eating and consuming foods are required for every individual as people need it to survive, but too much can be taken in which then, results in harming the body. Desserts such as cake and ice cream are sweet because they have a high concentration of sugar. Sugar comes in many forms such as glucose, fructose, maltose, and galactose. An important sugar, glucose, is made up of one sugar molecule. Glucose stores ATP and uses it to maintain homeostasis. (Food Insight, 2015). ATP is energy source and comes from in taking food. It is also a source of energy for cells throughout the body. This energy helps the cells carry out metabolism, synthesis of macromolecules, and active transport. (Live Strong, 2015). Glucose is also needed to execute several functions of the human body, such as brain function and regulation of food intake. When people intake sugars, their bodies break the sugar down into glucose and too much glucose can harm the body resulting in diabetes (Anderson et al, 2002).
Diabetes is a major cause of kidney disease, non-traumatic lower limb amputations, heart disease, blindness, and stroke (American Diabetes Association [ADA], 2014). The National Diabetes Statistics Report estimates that there are about 29.1 million people of the…
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