A Brief Note On Golf's Environmental Impact

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Under Par: Golf 's Environmental Impact

Owners of golf courses are currently facing challenges which threaten their very existence. Whether it is from a dwindling participation rate, water shortages, or environmental concerns due to fertilizer and pesticide runoff, courses must adapt their strategy for a new reality. It is clear from statistics that participation in golf is dwindling which will threaten the existence of golf courses. Coupled with an increased awareness of the impact on the environment, this could prove to be an insurmountable obstacle if golf courses are not quick to adapt. In states such as California and Texas, drought conditions have forced communities to look at the significant water usage of golf courses in order to reduce unnecessary consumption. Another significant cause for concern is the effect of pesticide and fertilizer runoff on the local watershed. Clearly there are very real and sometimes devastating effects when the pesticides and fertilizers used by golf courses find their way into unintended areas such as lakes, rivers and ponds. However, it is not all bad news for golf courses. There are positive environmental impacts such as preserving a home for birds and other animals, reducing urban sprawl, and the growth of vegetation and trees. These challenges facing golf course owners are very real, and in order to continue to attract players and avoid costly legislation, golf courses must embrace water conservation efforts, reduce their release of

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