A Brief Note On Hazardous Chemical Research Paper

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Hazardous Chemical research paper Our society runs on oil. It powers our cars, planes and trains, it’s used to build our workplaces and homes, even forming the plastics of our children’s toys, cell phones, and even the very laptop that this essay was typed on. But, oil is not an unlimited resource. As our society’s needs for oil keep growing and growing, the need for more of this oil to be extracted from the earth also increases, leading to new and complex ways of extracting oil. Fracking, tar sand extraction, and offshore oil rigs are all technologies developed solely to fuel our society’s ever-growing demand for petroleum products. However, sometimes the pressure of demand is so strong on the developers of these methods that safety is given second priority to productivity and speed, which can lead to dire consequences. This is exactly exactly what happened on April 20, 2010, just off of the coast of Louisiana, where the global issue of an unsafe petroleum industry had dire local consequences. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig was an offshore drilling apparatus in the Gulf of Mexico, extracting crude oil from below the ocean’s surface. On that day, oil and natural gas, combined with other fluids, flowed uncontrolled upwards from the ocean floor through piping towards the rig. This uncontrolled “kick” of oil then ignited and exploded, killing 11 workers on board (EPA). What was to follow in the next 87 days would be an ecological disaster the likes of which the…
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