A Brief Note On Health Care Quality Indicators

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Patient and families want their loved ones to receive the best possible care available. With the awareness of quality care first prompted by a series of reports released by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). In these reports, it was mentioned that about 98,000 patients die in hospitals per year due to preventable medical errors (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ], 2012). IOM reports was really an eye opening result for patients and health care providers. This led to an awareness movement of provide safe and effective care in an acute care setting. Various stakeholders of healthcare has recognized that there needs to be a systematic monitoring and reporting are needed to make significant impact in improving quality of care…show more content…
RHC has an average of 5 minutes before patients gets an EKG. The national average is 7 minutes. Another publically reported indicator for AMI is the administration of Aspirin within 24 hours of patients complaining of chest pain and possible heart attack. ILH and RHC have an impressive rate of 100% compared to NHC 98%. The national average is 96%. Unfortunately no other indicators for AMI are publically reported at this time.
Emergency department Care When patients are brought to the Emergency room of any hospital, quick and effective care is necessary to ensure positive patient outcomes. The average time patients who came to the emergency room with a broken bone had to wait before getting pain medications at NHC and RHC was 26 minutes compared to 29 minutes at ILH. The national average is 52 minutes (Medicare.gov, 2016). The percentage of patients who come to the emergency room of ILH and RHC with stroke like symptoms received CT scan results within 45 minutes of arrival are 87%, compared to 77% in NHC. The national average is 69% (Medicare.gov, 2016). The wait time in the Emergency room can vary based on many factors like time of day, staffing of staff, how many critically ill patients are in the emergency room etc etc. The average time patients spent in the ILH emergency
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