A Brief Note On Health Information And Data

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This research conducts a comparison of four vendors that include AdvancedMD, AllScripts, eClinicals, and athenahealth. Health Information and Data AdvancedMD provides EHR software that enhances the storage of health information data. For instance, using AdvancedMD Electronic Health Record software enables for the submission of data to registries, sharing of clinical information with other health providers and secures exchange of patient’s documents. However, eClinicalWorks provide health information and data by enabling patients to access lab and test results. The eClinical 's database also links patient demographics and medical records to insurance and data claims. Meanwhile, athenahealth also generate data through pre-population of orders obtained in-network receiver who are the athenaCordinator facility (Health IT and Safety, 2012). Finally, AllScripts Sunrise which is in a partnership with Hyland OnBase provides health information to clinicians and medical staff who have access to any content they need within Sunrise. Therefore, it reduces manual data entry and provides simplified charts which are consistent with compliance requirements. Results Management Regarding results management, each of the four information system vendors manages their results in unique ways. The result management function is available at AllScripts on the FollowMyHealth platform which is an HER. It gives patients access to a single comprehensive patient record. On the other hand,
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