A Brief Note On Health Insurance And Insurance

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While on the topic of insurance, I will also need to start putting diverting some of my income to cover health insurance, possibly disability insurance and even life insurance. I currently have an HMO plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX and the rates are astronomical. Health insurance is one of the key factors I am using as I am looking for long-term employment. Since I am a student, there are not many individual insurance policies available so I am forced to pay extremely steep monthly rates, but am hopeful that the health insurance offered through my future employer will allow me to receive access to better doctors at a lower overall price. Just as auto insurance and renter’s/home insurance is needed to help offset the costs of accidents that may occur, the cost of not having health insurance is much higher than the rates I am currently paying so not having insurance is not an option (not to mention without health insurance, you now receive a fine.) I also would like to receive disability insurance through my employer to cover lost income as a result of an accident, or illness. Other sources of disability insurance are available through social security, worker’s compensation, and private insurance companies, but as I stated, I would accept these benefits through my employer, social security or worker’s compensation but I am unlikely to purchase my own individual disability policy. I currently do not have a life insurance policy as I have limited assets and zero…
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