A Brief Note On Healthcare And Developing Countries Essay

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Floyd Hopsin Healthcare in Developing Countries September 5, 2015 There are over 200 million children throughout the world that are under the age of five years old who doesn’t even have regular basic healthcare. Because of such extensive situation. This situation is the result of having nearly ten million deaths annually from scenarios that are untreatable alignments like diarrhea and pneumonia. Mostly all the deaths have been occurring in the developing world. All of the deaths have occurred in the developing world, with millions of struggling poor children facing three times the danger of dying compared to richer children of our world. Save the children global report showed what was going on throughout our civilization. There are hundreds of surveys that has shown that Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are amongst the top countries in the interest of healthcare for mothers and children throughout the 146 countries that was accounted for, and then there is Nigeria, it’s literally the last rank of them all. Now imagine if they surveyed all of the countries. Eight out of ten countries that are in the bottom ranked are all in their lifetimes, healthcare doesn’t extend to these parts of the world where it is actually in need. There are hundreds no thousands of areas were healthcare isn’t developed in any shape or form, where healthcare is in true need. Amongst the top three developing countries out of fifty-five are ranked in many reports are Philippines, Peru, and
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