A Brief Note On Healthcare And Health Care

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Mardokay Mosazghi
March 3,2015
English 10 B pd.1 Pundzak
Healthcare -Right or Privilege
Just as American population has increased over the past century, so has the number of health care providers in the country. Due to these steep rising population, America has established many health care offices. In the 1800’s European countries such as Sweden,Denmark and Switzerland were the first ones to implement public health care for all their citizens(Universal Health Care Efforts in the US). In 1906,under President Theodore Roosevelt the American Association of Labor Legislation (AALL) was established mainly to expand health care providers over the country. Till WW1 most Americans were in favor of creating health care over America, though in WW1 surveyors suggested that the government was against the idea of having health care. This was because America rival Germany had already enforced it and the government denounced it for not matching American values(Universal Health Care Efforts in the US).
Over the next years many organizations such as the Committee on the Cost of Medical Care (CCMC),Social Security Bill of 1935 and Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 in an effort to reform health care availability across the nation. The development of several health care providers has sprung up questions on whether all Americans should be provided health care.The question whether to provide healthcare for all Americans is absurd, all Americans
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