A Brief Note On Healthcare And The Economy

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Healthcare and the economy are in the midst of historic realignments. Community Health Nurses need to innovate and evolve if the community clinics are going to continue to serve our patients and remain an economic engine for the region. Doctors’ offices have seen a revolution in the past quarter century. Outpatient visits have grown by two hundred percent. The center of the community is shifting away from the hospital. Outpatient care has replaced hospital care, and outpatient care is being replaced by homecare. Patients want treatment and recovery in a normal environment. Healthcare has moved from an individual practice to a team sport, and the solo practitioner is becoming a historic figure. Clients need to receive patient centered health care, affordable health coverage. Comprehensive health coverage along with a universal electronic health record need to be made readily available to everybody across the globe. This in turn will eliminate mistakes in diagnosis and treatment. There needs to be more experiments and research in new medications and treatments for acute illness and chronic diseases.

Patient-centered health care should be the focus of the 21st-century health care system. Such a system will ensure that patients have access to the safest and highest-quality care, regardless of how much they earn, where they live, how sick they are, or the color of their skin. Patients must be the first priority and the focus of the transformed system. Consumer-driven health…
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