A Brief Note On Hipaa Privacy And The Privacy

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Ethel Carew
HIPAA Privacy Assignment- 1/20/15

How would the HIPPA Privacy policy be structured?
As the Compliance Officer, I would choose the single ‘all or nothing’ approach when structuring a policy for applying the Privacy Rules. Though most cases are complex and are not as ‘cut and dry’ in the application of the privacy rules, at the end of the day, the single approach ensures simplicity and uniformity. The institution’s privacy notice will inform patients that the hospital may talk to family members and other individuals involved in their care and that minimal information about them included in the hospital’s directory can be provided to individuals that ask for the patient by name. The patient will however be giving the option to opt out of this. If they opt out, no information will be disclosed, if they do not then the hospital will use its discretion and professional judgment in making a decision that in the best interest of the patient as to who to disclose to. Hospital staff will be train on how to obtain use judgment on how to informally obtain information based on circumstances about a patient preference for disclosure of their PHI.

Case #1
From whom would you likely receive requests for information about these children and their condition?
On a single approach privacy. I would prioritize as to who and what PHI will be disclose based on a need to know basis. In this case, I would expect the following individuals to reach out to the hospital for information
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