A Brief Note On History And Company Overview Essay

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[Name] [Professor] [Course] [Date] Askinosie Chocolate: An Economic Player Askinosie Chocolate: History & Company Overview Askinosie Chocolate was established by Shawn Askinosie in 2005. Askinosie was then a practicing criminal defense lawyer for twenty years in Springfield, Missouri. He left his job and used his lawyer skills to learn all that he could about chocolate: where it originated in the botanical, historical, and cultural sense; how it’s made; and how to use all its properties to produce something that people would love. Askinosie visited many places in the different continents just so he can learn the proper techniques that would influence the flavor of his finished products (“An Ozark’s Sunrise”). Askinosie started small, building the company from scratch. Now, Askinosie Chocolate, with only seventeen employees, earns up to two million dollars in revenues and is named by Forbes as one of America’s 25 best small companies (“Small Giants: America’s Best Small Companies”). Askinosie Chocolate’s major products include dark chocolate bars, cocoa powder, chocolate beverages, and other chocolate products. The company gets its bean sources from various places such as in the Philippines, Tanzania, Honduras, and Ecuador. Askinosie collaborates directly with cocoa bean farmers who are dedicated to producing consistent and premium quality cocoa beans. In addition to their direct trade practices with the farmers, Askinosie also supports the farmers’ communities by helping
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