A Brief Note On Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd

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“You don’t understand, we have no additional capacity!” has claimed and showcased the condition of considerable labor-intensive enterprises currently. Doubtlessly, over 99.99% of the enterprises are always working their tails off to augment productivity with least costing,thus contributing to workers’ overwhelming workloads probably—Apple’s important foundry, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd (also known as Foxconn) in Taiwan,used to be condemned strongly by the public due to intensive operators’ suicidal jump in Shenzhen, China in 2010. What’s worse, most of those suicidal jumpers experienced overwhelming overtime working before their death, which shocked whole China and provoked public to concentrate on the sweatshop issue around us. From this example, exploitation of the workforce would be one of the “effective” ways to enhance productivity within limited resources. Nevertheless, this extreme and cruel method would never be accepted by the theory of constraint, which would emphasize the optimized production technology (OPT) to embrace continuous improvement. Professor Youngman has interpreted this concept via illustrating several detailed examples. A local labor intensive manufacturing firm, showcased in the article, was confronting the overarching constraint issue—deficient capacity of polish shop. Having been achieving substantial growth both in domestic and exports, though, asno more additional capacity can be developed in this polish shop unfortunately. Therefore,…

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