A Brief Note On Hotel And Lodging Sector Essay

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Hotel and lodging sector is one of the oldest parts that make up the hospitality industry. The origins of the industry can be traced to the earliest of times known to mankind. “The history of hotels is intimately connected to that of civilizations; facilities offering guests hospitality have been in evidence since early biblical times” (Levy-Bonvin, 2003, para.1). While the most ancient hotels did not have all the modern amenities that consumers have become accustomed to receiving when frequenting the various hotel brands and companies, the ancient hotels helped create the industry that is still growing and evolving today.
At the start of the hotel industry, there was not of actual facilities that would resemble the hotels that consumer is accustomed to seeing nowadays. Many of the accommodations offered to travelers where bare bones, and the providers of the lodging were mostly concerned with providing a safe place for the travelers to rest in between major outposts for a civilization that didn’t have the modern transportation methods. The modern ease of traveling was not afforded to the customers of that time, which meant that the act of traveling from one city to another was very hazardous. Travelling during that time was progressively more hazardous, which helped to spur the gradual appearance of inns across much of Europe (Levy-Bonvin, 2003, para.5). Thus, the start of the industry revolved around offering a safe resting spot for the newfound travelers
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