A Brief Note On Image Based Qa On The Video And Audio Retrieval

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C. Image Based QA: An image-based QA approach was introduced in [11], which mainly focuses on finding information about physical objects. An image-based QA system allows direct use of an image that refers to the object. This type of systems was designed to find multimedia answers from web-scale media resources such as
Flicker, Google images.
D. Multimedia QA Search: Due to the increasing amount of digital information stored over the web, searching for desired information has become an essential task. The research in this area started from the early 1980s. With the rapid growth of content analysis technology in the 1990s, these efforts rapidly expanded to tackle the video and audio retrieval problems. Fig. 3 shows an example of MMQA.
Fig 3: Simple representation of MMQA search Engine
Existing CQA usually provide only textual answers, which are not informative enough for many questions. Clearly, it will be much better if there are some accompanying videos and images that visually demonstrate the process or the object. By processing a large set of QA pairs and adding them to a pool, it can enable a novel multimedia question answering
(MMQA) approach as users can find multimedia answers by matching their questions with those in the pool. The methodologies as mentioned below:
1. Answer Medium Selection: It determines whether we need to and which type of medium we should add to enrich the textual answers. There are some existing research efforts on question…
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