A Brief Note On Impressionism And Post Impressionism

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IWT1 Task 1
Impressionism and Post Impressionism
By WGU student
In early 19th century, the French government controlled the Academies des Beaux-Arts and Salon de Paris of paintings. The Academies were considered the ruling authority and held annual art exhibits called salons. The salons featured works of art that conformed to their standards. In the second half of the 19th century, Impressionism began which was a result of French artists rejecting traditional government and their standards. In 1874, the first independent art exhibition was held. A few of the famous artists’ who participated and organizing this exhibition was Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot and Pierre-Auguste Renior along with several other artists. This group of artists referred to themselves as the Anonymous Society of Painters, Sculptures, and Engravers. The exhibit lasted for one month and displayed approximately 165 paintings.

During the 19th century many social changes were taking place which gave rise to Impressionism. For example, industrial expansion gave artist further access to synthetic chemical pigments, which was developed by modern science to replace old-fashioned organic pigments (Hammerstingl, 1998). Impressionist artists had a very firm understanding of optical mixing, color theory, etc., which created astonishing vivid colors. The artists also captured transitory atmospheric effects in their painting. The artists from the Impressionism period were against painting a picture of moral…
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