A Brief Note On Increase Funding From Member States Without Political Obstacles

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Firstly the WHO needs to establish and publicly make the case to increase funding from member states without political obstacles. They also need more investment in technology to increase information flow from effected areas so all levels of officials are up to date about the situation on the ground and can make decisions quickly and efficiently. Through cooperation with middle level officials the WHO can efficiently assist in establishing logistical ways to deployed resources and vaccines in a time efficient manner to stop further spreading of the virus. And actively making it a priority to increase cooperation within and between all levels of officials in organizations, regional coordinators, and healthcare workers. By establishing goals and implementing ways to achieve those goals, the WHO demonstration their reliability and creditability, therefore gaining larger public approval and fixing their damage image. With a better public image the organization will have more trust and support from member countries and in turn gain more financial assistance, therefore proving more resources for medical staff and vaccines to patients. By achieving their goals through organization, cooperation, and collaboration between all levels of officials within different organizations and governments, the WHO will become more reliable. Recourses and funding that are being deployed should be utilized effectively and better assist in protecting international healthcare workers, because

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