A Brief Note On Increased Productivity From The Workplace Essay

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Naps: Increased Productivity from Napping in the Workplace The secret to becoming more productive, whether it be at work or school, is not managing your time but your energy. As a surviving student athlete, napping is a key component in any given day. Work place napping is a natural and low cost activity to increase worker productivity and alertness. Sleep should be seen as a necessity for everyone, not a luxury. There is a big difference between unexpectedly dozing off in important work environments such as at a patient 's bedside, while on a customer service phone call, transporting merchandise and while operating heavy machinery, compared to taking a planned nap in a designated area during a scheduled break. I believe napping in the workplace would increase overall business performance and customer and employee satisfaction. After a long morning of practice, I often feel tired after a workout and fatigued; in need of a nap. Without a nap, I go through my entire day battling sleep in classes, which often leads to me not paying attention or falling asleep, and missing important notes and class announcements. After a morning nap I feel rejuvenated, renewed, and ready to tackle my day. Napping in college may be the acceptable way to survive the day but accepting naps in the workplace requires a change in how sleep is viewed in today’s society. Taking short naps in the early afternoon has been widely practiced in cultures across the world. These countries include China,
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