A Brief Note On Independent Artist And The National Average Salary

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Independent project BA POPUALR MUSIC MUS Can unsigned artist make the national average salary from their recorded work using direct to fan module? The objectives of this research are to determine whether independent artist can earn the equivalent to the National average salary through the independent distribution of their works. This paper will analyze some of the changes in the ways in which independent artist can now distribute music in an attempt to answer the above question. It is necessary here to clarify exactly what is meant by national average salary. When speaking of the national average salary this essay trying to determine whether an artist can make the national average salary, which is according to office of national statistics, was £27,600 For the year ending 5 April 2015 for full-time employees. . Using my 2014 EPs consumption and sales data, BPI 2014 monthly reports, results from a online survey conducted by myself and a number of journals and other academic literature this paper will then compare the benefits of independent artist taking advantage of the a direct to fan business model. The second section of this essay will look at the data gathered through my 2014 release. The third section of this essay shall move on to look at the results of a survey of music consumers to find out how they are accessing the music they listening to these result will help us understand how unsigned artist can reach their audience. The fourth section of this essay will be

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