A Brief Note On Industrial And Organizational Psychology

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Understanding the combination of segments that corresponds in industrial and organizational psychology (i.e. occupational, work, business) is the scientific study of human behavior in the workplace which applies to psychological theories and principles to organizations. Industrial/Organizational psychology field has insights on increasing productivity in the workplace and related matters such as physical and mental wellbeing of employees (Youssef & Noon, 2012, sec.1.1). Industrial organizational psychology is known to be the most important asset in the organization, in which the factors are many; influence, performance, creation, strategies, innovation, and superiority (Youssef & Noon, 2012, sec.1.1). These levels perform a wide variety of tasks in industrial/organization psychology involving studying worker attitudes and behavior, evaluating companies and conducting leadership.
Changing careers into a field that concerns of behavior and mental stability, I would have taken up courses that teach education in adult learning and psychology courses on behaviors as this varies. Taking psychology courses teaches not only others mental stability but what you can overcome within yourself as being in a field that considers you an asset in an organization. As there are two sides in industrial/organizational psychology involving what is the best match for individuals to a specific job title (Youssef & Noon, 2012, sec. 1.2). I would enjoy the role of personnel psychology as workers…
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