A Brief Note On Inequality And Technology On Today 's World

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Britney Holden
August 5, 2014
English 955
Tony Asay

Inequality and Technology
Technology in today’s world is one of the leading causes of inequality. Because of it’s major increase, availability and usefulness, it has cut the amount of jobs and opportunities for income. It is now getting in the way of a good education and taking away from personal interaction and education that can only be learned well on a one on one basis.
Although technology has come a long way and it has improved large amounts of how humans live their lives in this thriving technological world, it also is one of its biggest down fall. Technology such as cell phones, tablets, computers, and machines all have had a big role in making our lives easier. Making it more accessible and has allowed us a certain amount of freedom and education. Everything from getting information on the latest show times, sending emails like letters to loved ones, finding the nearest steakhouse, or getting the current news and weather, has been a break through on how we can communicate and receive important information very quickly. You can download apps that will allow you to get the latest and current data on almost any subject or interest. You can download music, watch movies, talk to people in real time when your miles apart. Machines now work the hard labor you used to do when working a job, even machines that will run an entire job all on its own, with little effort from the worker.
This phenomenon was great until it
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