A Brief Note On Information Technology Project Management

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INF30029 – Information Technology Project Management

Assignment 2 – Reflective Paper

By Ke Dung Dao 1799673
Due Date: 23/05/2016
Weight: 20%

Executive Summary
This paper reflects the experiences I have encountered working in a project team identifying the problems that occurred, how I managed those problems, and what I learnt from them.

Problems I had listed in the paper are group meeting attendance problems and communication issues

I’ve identified that communication is biggest issue that has impacted the project team and led to many learning experience.

I also identified that the team’s lack of commitment to the project and unit was indeed another reason behind some of these problems.

What was also noted that allocation of work depending on who was prepared to start on the project proposal first worked quite well when it came to team dynamics.

Even with these problems the group managed to complete the project proposal on time and made a fair attempt on every section of the proposal.
Executive Summary 1
Introduction 3
Project management concepts 3
Team member dynamics 4
Team composition and process 5
Detailed learning analysis 5
Conclusion 8
References 8

Your Name: Ke Dung (David) Dao Your student ID: 1799673

Area / Concept Specific aspect / area of focus Your response Grade & comments
Introduction Introduction to your project team and your role within it.
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