A Brief Note On Intergroup Processes And Group Identity Essay

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Intergroup processes refers to how people in either the same, or different groups, behave and relate towards one another (Hogg, 2007). Group identity signifies the relationships that individuals form with each other based on descriptive and demographic characteristics such as race, gender, and religion (Weber, Johnson, & Arceneaux, 2011). Forming such links with similar individuals’ can provide a source of self-esteem, provide solutions to problems, and also enforce norms (Weber, Johnson, & Arceneaux, 2011). However, the relationships that are formed through intergroup processes and group identity, may also rationalise showing derogative behaviour, such as prejudice, towards individuals’ who are not part on the group (Weber, Johnson, & Arceneaux, 2011). Prejudice can be defined as the unfavourable attitudes that individuals’ have in regards to a social group or its individual members (Singh, 2015). Prejudice is often directed towards immigrants, which include any person who has left the country that they were born in, and currently reside in another country, where they are frequently rejected from becoming part of society, and are instead faced with demands that they return to where they came from (Singh, 2015). There are various theories and explanations for why group identity and intergroup processes impact peoples’ prejudice towards immigrants. Such theories and explanations include the social identity theory, realistic conflict theory, belief congruence theory, and the

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