A Brief Note On Internal Analysis Of Internal Analysis And Strategic Issues Essay

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MBA 7000 Business Policy and Strategy Indiana Tech Summary of Internal Analysis & Strategic Issues Vera Bradley Company Internal analysis: 1. Current Strategy Vera Bradley’s company strategy is not working very well. Their company strategy involves offering a distinctive line of colorful women’s luggage, handbags and accessories. Sales are done through department stores and over the Internet. The company’s vision and mission is not clear. The company would like to open 300 full-time retail stores and 100 factory outlet stores. The goal is to sell approximately 40% of product sold in the factory outlet stores. The total handbag and accessory market consists of the following segments: 1. traditional style 2. nontraditional styles 3. currents trends 4. type of fabrics All of product features that the Vera Bradley Company claims are part of future success when competing with other luxury semi luxury handbag businesses, must be improved. Vera Bradley must compete with other women’s luggage, handbags, and accessories manufactures. The company must capture and compete in an area that has little to no competition. The listed strategy will allow this company to capitalize on their products not only in the United States but in other markets, especially Asia. A number of factors in which this competitive strategy is addressed focused on; quality, price, and style. Vera Bradley products are competitively priced to other luxury items. Vera Bradley’s next step is to have the

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