A Brief Note On International Human Resource Management

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International Human Resource Management Table of Contents Introduction 3 Identification and discussion of the issues identified in the HRM 3 Issues’ regarding the employment relations impacting on the manager’s working life 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 Introduction Rothenberg et al. (2015) commented on the essential fact that Human Resource Department is one of the essential departments within the organization that helps in management of the entire organization in the most successful and methodical way. This assignment will be discussing about relocating a manager from an Australian based organization named Boss Resources Limited in Australia to Sweden. This results in facing a large number of problems that impacts the working life of the manager in Sweden. According to the viewpoint of Caganova et al. (2015) the HR department is liable to see through the various issues within the organization and hence need to be focused towards the working life of the employees. This assignment deals with the identification of issues that are identified in the HRM and management of employees and workplace. Moreover in this context the issues regarding the employment relationships are also discussed vividly. Identification and discussion of the issues identified in the HRM According to the outlook and opinion of Brush et al. (2015) the Human resource department faces several issues while working from one region to another or internationally. This is because several regions or
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