A Brief Note On International Logistics Inc.

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International Logistics Inc. Assessment
Ashley Ellenberger
MGT 370 International Supply Chain Management
Dr. Irina Weisblat
June 26, 2016

Introduction Working for International Logistics Inc. and being such an integral part of the growth of this company has been a real honor. Looking towards the future of International Logistics Inc. it is important to focus the company’s attention towards new international ventures in order to keep up with globalization. Working as the international logistics manager it is important to look at the pros and cons of possible export countries that would be most beneficial to the United States and International Logistics Inc. The need for thorough research of the possible country and market is to help avoid unnecessary costs and losses that can keep the company from being profitable. Focusing the attention of International Logistics Inc. ventures on Southeast Asia and Malaysia in particular should yield positive results for the company in the coming future. The assessment will give insight and reasoning as to why this diverse area will be a strong company to involve International Logistics Inc. with. Furthermore, looking at the population density and vibrant economy, strong industrial growth, and political stability, lays the groundwork for successful trade operations and the ability for high tech machinery and electronics to be well received. With growth and stability, the economy and population of the country have the ability…
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