A Brief Note On International Logistics Inc.

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International Logistics Inc. Assessment Ashley Ellenberger MGT 370 International Supply Chain Management Dr. Irina Weisblat June 26, 2016 Introduction Working for International Logistics Inc. and being such an integral part of the growth of this company has been a real honor. Looking towards the future of International Logistics Inc. it is important to focus the company’s attention towards new international ventures in order to keep up with globalization. Working as the international logistics manager it is important to look at the pros and cons of possible export countries that would be most beneficial to the United States and International Logistics Inc. The need for thorough research of the possible country and market is…show more content…
Also, the country of Malaysia has grown tremendously in manufacturing and boasts itself as a wonderful tourist destination the technology aspect is not a strong suit. While the tourism aspect is a strong suit for Malaysia they have been faced with various struggles regarding increased globalization and its effects on the rainforests and other environmental factors. Unfortunately, along with any other country there are varying levels of trade barriers and regulations that companies must address when doing business. Exporting to the Southeast Asian and Malaysian markets will take time and invaluable research to get the job done right. Some major benefits to International Logistics Inc. are the fact that Malaysia is willing and ready to eliminate import taxes on 100% of United States high tech instruments exports immediately allowing International Logistics Inc. to keep pricing competitive and establish themselves in other nations. On a more positive note the use of high tech equipment could be beneficial to Malaysia and International Logistics Inc. in terms of the varying types of equipment such as environmental monitoring equipment, meters, and other precision measuring equipment that would allow Malaysia to keep a closer eye on its beautiful natural resources and environment. Another area that may be a disadvantage for International Logistics Inc. and the fact that Malaysia is not part of the World Trade Organization and
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