A Brief Note On Jobs That Pay The Rent

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‘To Jobs That Pay The Rent’

When it comes to earning a living, its hard and for so many times, your attempts tend to say ‘In your face’ to you. One thing I’ve learnt is not to be let down by disappointments. So in my search of jobs, I landed on one which I had never heard about before. It was a job to monitor chats on a social media site.
Well its top of the notch boring jobs in the time magazine. Just kidding. But I was barely excited by the idea of working here. I was to monitor these chats for conversations and plans coming up through them that could be hazardous to the society’s harmony. Now obviously there was no way someone who would really want to talk this stuff would do it on a social networking site where teens say their ‘I love Yous’ to their crushes. I was trying my best not to be disgusted. Well only there was one thing that was awesome, the pay, it was more fulfilling that just paying my bills.
So the next morning I woke up on time, tried to be excited, made myself a good breakfast, 2 eggs half fried and a cup of coffee and stepped out to the new phase of my life. I thought to myself, this is safe and ensured and hence better because if only I had to play rough I would have tried hitting the casino and earning cash. I got a little better and hoped for the best

‘The Moment on the Brink’

Well the social media office was a busy place, I thought only Wall Street is busy. I was wrong obviously. This place was informal and there were only 2 words
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